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♓️ Pisces♓️


February 19-March 20


💗Shimmering with wonder at the world. Charming and cheerful. The idealist, born to see the world through rose coloured glasses. Hazy and hopeful, you are the dreamer. Creative, esoteric, intuitive. Feeling your way through life. Emotive and vulnerable.


✨Pisces, you are an ethereal creature. You were born sensitive, mindful and have spent your life cultivating those traits. So an allusive, delicate wine with whispering complexity will never be lost on you. You’ll see it as bottled poetry that speaks to your soul. The wine that ignites that dazzle is Champagne, with its tiny bubbles and fluttering flavours of citrus, brioche, nut and stone — this wine is a love note to your heart.



  • Bottles

    ⭐️Domaine Daubanton Champagne Brut, Chardonnay/Pinot Meunière/Pinot Noir, France, NV

    ⭐️Domaine Daubanton Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Chardonnay, NV, France 

    ⭐️Domaine Daubanton Rosé Champagne, Pinot Noir, France, NV 

  • Shipping Info

    With Angel Wings we fly our wine to your doorstep for contactless delivery. Our cherubs are driving all over Ontario to bring our bottles to you.

    **Estimated delivery times are up to 7 business days in the GTA and up to 14 days in all other locations. 

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