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Barolo Collection

Barolo Collection

📦Indulge in the luxurious taste of Italy with our selection of premium Barolo wines from Amalia. Known as the "King of Wines," Barolo is revered for its bold flavours, rich aromas, and elegant finish.




2 x bottles of 2017 Barolo, DOCG. In Barolo, 2017 was one of the driest and hottest vintages on record. But this headline doesn’t reveal the true nature of the vintage: ’17 offers an incredible breakaway from the overripe uniformity one might expect from such a hot and dry year. The ’17 vintage proves the futureproof quality of Langhe’s terroir and producers, both adapting so well to the change in climate. This vintage shows how far producers have come to understand their raw material; 10 years ago, this year would have been an overripe disappointment. Instead, it is a modern-age classic, ’17 offers us many Baroli for immediate enjoyment. They are ripe and up-front in nature, with freshness and class. This is therefore a brilliant vintage for anyone looking to explore Barolo for the first time, and for established enthusiasts alike.


2 x Barolo, Le Coste di Monforte, DOCG 2017: This was the first single vineyard Barolo produced by Amalia Cascina in Langa in 2010, from a selection of grapes from the prestigious Le Coste vineyard in Monforte d’Alba. The vineyard consists of just under one hectare of Nebbiolo, from which the finest grapes are selected for the production of Barolo Le Coste di Monforte. The soils are made up of sandy Sant’Agata fossil marls; their exposure is east/south-easterly.


2 x Barolo, Bussia 'Vigneto Fantini', DOCG 2018: The Russia vineyard district, located mostly in the township of Monforte d’Alba, is arguably one of the five greatest sites in all of Barolo.The 2018’s boast elegance, energy and enticing aromatics. Defined by extremely refined, well-integrated tannins and balance, generally speaking they are already approachable. Most will age well for the next six to eight years while some of the best show good aging potential that will carry them to the 15-year and even the 20-year mark after the vintage.



This family’s adventure in the world of wine began in 2000 when Luigi Antonio and Maria Angela found the perfect place in Piedmont to spend much needed family time. In Monforte d’Alba, Cascina Amalia, a farmhouse dating to the early 1900’s with 3 ha of vineyards surrounding, was love at first sight and the Boffa’s planted roots.

Planned as a weekend retreat, this property cast a spell and soon their son Paolo left a busy life to nurture his passion for winemaking. Purchasing more vineyards of cru status, the Boffa’s began their journey of exceptional winemaking building a new cellar to ensure the excellent quality of their grapes.


Paolo works in an ethical manner, respecting the earth and preserving the environment as much as possible.  All the grapes are harvested manually from the vineyards at the average height of 450 meters above sea level.

Organic certification began in 2019 and each vintage preserves the beauty that brought the family to Amalia Cascina from the beginning.  Now with 7ha of vines, Amalia produces Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barolo and 2 cru Barolo, Bussia and Le Coste di Monforte. They are also only one of five producers making a truly stunning white from the rare and native grape, Rossese Bianco.


  • Bottles

    2 x Amalia Barolo DOCG, 2017

    2 x Amalia Barolo, Le Coste di Monforte, DOCG 2017

    2 x Amalia Barolo, Bussia 'Vigneto Fantini', DOCG, 2018


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    With Angel Wings we fly our wine to your doorstep for contactless delivery. Our cherubs are driving all over Ontario to bring our bottles to you.

    *Just a reminder to make your holiday wine purchases early so we can deliver in time!

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