Les Quelles
De La Coste

American actor, producer and fashion designer John Malkovich has arrived to the Canadian wine scene.

Hailing from the South of France, Les Quelles de la Coste is all about expressing fruitful Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir and blending them together.

With only 600 bottles made, the flagship wine of Les Quelles de Lacoste is at the top of its game.  14 Quelles 2017, a wacky blend of Cabernet and Pinot Noir, is making headlines with 95 Decanter points.

A small production with a tiny team - John, Nicole, Ralf and Jean have big dreams for this estate and the quality to support them. All 5 wines of LQLC create their own story, each a fantastic expression of the man himself.

What to expect

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