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Julien Pilon

From the magical lands of the Northern Rhône, a man fulfills his dreams with the gorgeous wines of Julien Pilon. 

Although a native to the region, Julien Pilon was not from a family of vintners.  Studying winemaking at the university, he worked passionately producing wines in regions from Roussillon to Spain. After extensive travel, Julien returned to his birthplace of Chavanay, determined to make a name for himself.

His tutelage with Pierre-Jean Villa, Patrice Porte and Pierre Gaillard of Côte-Rotie fame, cemented his belief in his talent and Julien Pilon began to plant his roots.  In 2010, located on the right bank of the Rhône Valley with Condrieu terroir, Julien started crafting a range of micro-négoce wines from local sources. 

Over 10 years later, with the Domaine developed, a team created and winery built, Pilon is producing some of the most exciting Rhône wines of genuine flair and class, attracting enthusiastic attention from noteworthy critics. Creating his first wine in his parents garage, Julien focused on producing wines that respected the identity of their terroir, offering both concentration and finesse.
“I want to show how essential the notion of terroir is. My work in terms of harvest selection, vinification and aging goes in this direction, respecting the identity of each wine.”


Julien has a masterly hand with his grapes, brilliantly balancing the tightrope between their natural extravagance and glorious freshness.  He produces elegant whites of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier, vinifying and aging in oak. His reds, equally exceptional, are all 100% Syrah, with beautiful complexity and peppery notes, both fresh and well kept, ready to drink or able to cellar for years to come.   

From the prestigious Cru’s of the Northern Rhône - Crozes-Hermitage, Condrieu, Hermitage, Saint-Joseph, Côte-Rotie and Cornas, Pilon’s exquisite wines are known for their outstanding quality

all while carving out a name for their creator.


This best-kept secret has been a winemaker to watch for sometime. 

Receiving accolades and whispers of cult status, Julien Pilon's wines are limited in quantity, 

sought after and adored, and we are over the moon to share them with you. 

What to expect

‘Le Bruit des Vages’

‘Le Bruit des Vages’, 2019

80% Marsanne, 20% Roussanne
Tasting Notes

Pomacious and nutty, ripe Bosc pear and pear nectar, white cherry, sultana raisin, clementine, and marzipan. Luscious mouthfeel, dominated by ripe fruit and almond notes. Scrumptious!

Viognier, ‘Mon Grand-Père Était Limonadier’

Viognier, ‘Mon Grand-Père Était Limonadier’, 2019

100% Viognier

Tasting Notes

Pink roses and orange blossom, peach yogurt, honey and key lime pie. Full and intoxicating. Rich in texture and flavour, she is no shy wine. Excellent length and good acids ensure she will keep you coming back for more.

‘On the Rhône Again’

‘On the Rhône Again’, Marsanne, 2019

100% Marsanne
Tasting Notes

Almond and pear tart, honey and beeswax, cherry blossom, and a little woodsy like a breath of fresh air in the forest. Palate matches the nose, long, complex and powerful yet delicate and quaffable. Outstanding wine.


Condrieu, ‘Lone’, Viognier, 2018    

100% Viognier

Tasting Notes

Less floral than your typical Viognier, her complexity and quality is a true representation of this coveted appellation. Toasted oats and honey, smoky campfire and roasted marshmallows dominate with Meyer lemon and tart Crispin apple following behind. Acids are fresh and length is long.

Hermitage, ‘Prisme’

Hermitage, ‘Prisme’, Marsanne, 2019

Tasting Notes

Coming Soon

‘De l’Autre Rive’

Syrah, ‘De l’Autre Rive’, 2019

100% Syrah

Tasting Notes

Tart black raspberry and blackberry, blueberries and cream, black currant tea, fresh earth and black salt. Cedar and forest floor with a touch of sweet baking spice. Complex without being too serious. A quaffable Syrah.

‘Rue des Poissonniers Paris XVIIéme’

Saint-Joseph, ‘Rue des Poissonniers Paris XVIIéme’, Syrah, 2018

100% Syrah

Tasting Notes

At first, the wine is intensely fruited and almost tropical with lots of spice. Aromas evolve into a more savoury spectrum with fresh earth and liquorice notes. Tannins are grippy but balanced by juicy acidity. Give this wine some time to open up, before you drink up!

‘La Porchette’

Côte-Rôtie, ‘La Porchette’,
Syrah, 2018

100% Syrah

Tasting Notes

Tutti-frutti, cassis and blackberry, roasted coffee, cured meats and fresh pickles. Forest floor, wet leaves and cumin seed, just off the bat!! Highly complex, decant and drink now or cellar for 15-20 years.

Cornas, ‘L’élégance du Caillou’

Cornas, ‘L’élégance du Caillou’, Syrah, 2019

Tasting Notes

Coming Soon

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