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Roberto Mazzi

Born out of love and created with
patience and skill comes the excellent wines of Verona.

 From the hills of Negrar, this family has been producing wines since the early 1900’s. In 1958 Roberto Mazzi carried on the long tradition of bottling his wines.


Now Roberto along with his sons Antonio and Stefano, continue the passion of wine production making Amarone of excellence. From the cellar in the small village of Sanperetto, the wines are named  by the hills from which they came, Calcarole, Poiega, Villa and Castel. 


Spanning over 7ha all within the Negrar Valley, the Mazzi estate  is among the best crus of the appellation. These wines represent the characteristics of this wonderfulterroir where the finesse and fruit are enhanced, approachable now but with the grace to age.


According to Antonio and Stefano ‘The cellar is the place where wine is born, and where wine grows, maturing along the way until the moment when he is ready to leave his homeland to be known and loved. We want our wine to be able to testify to those he may meet along the way, the passion and commitment of those who took care of him’.

Introducing ‘Castel’ Amarone, a much loved and powerful wine, who’s creator’s heart can be felt with every glass.

What to expect

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico



Amarone della Valpolicella Classico,
‘Castel’, 2015

65% Corvina/10% Corvinone/20% Rondinella

5% Molinara

Tasting Notes

Fruity with grippy tannins that are softened by its high acidity, Jammy fruit, cured meats with savoury tomato sauce. The perfect pizza and pasta wine.

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