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Mas Des Quernes

A test of friendship and a love of organics brought together two very special men.

Jean Natoli, an internationally recognized oenologist and Peter Riegel,

an organic wine guru joined together to create Mas des Quernes.

Together, on the banks of the Larzac, these two men found a magnificent landscape of plateaus and terraces and built their dream. Their wines have defining style from the Languedoc terroir and along with the unpredictability of nature, are an exceptional representation of this well renowned region.  
Gens et Pierres, Sud Chardonnay and Sud-Sud Rouge, are wines of pure southern pleasure, exuding southern hospitality in every easy pour. 'Les Ruches’, the Merlot/Syrah/Cabernet/Grenache/ blend is indigenous to the Languedoc, both classic and modern.

His older brother 'Villa Romaine’ is the biggest personality of the estate, asserting itself between opulence and elegance. Certified organic, all of Jean and Pierre’s wines reflect their strong friendship, every bottle representing the fruits of their passion and every glass reinforcing their bond. We are delighted to share this southern charm with you.

What to expect

Gens et Pierres


Gens et Pierres, Chardonnay, Languedoc IGP, 2018

100% Chardonnay

Tasting Notes

This wine is pure southern pleasure. Fresh and inviting fruit round off this unoaked chardonnay perfectly.


Gens et Pierres
‘Sud-Sud Rouge’

Sud Rouge.jpg

Gens et Pierres,‘Sud-Sud Rouge’, Languedoc IGP, 2018

30% Merlot/30% Syrah/20% Grenache/

20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes

Juicy, fruity and soft.This easy-drinking blend is sure to please with its fresh acidity and smooth tannins. Your ‘everyday’ red.


Mas des Quernes

‘Les Ruches’

Les Ruches.jpg

Mas des Quernes, ‘Les Ruches’,    Terrasses du Larzac, 2017

40% Mourvèdre/40%Grenache/15%Carignan/ 5%Syrah

Tasting Notes

Like a bowl of fresh berries, wild blueberry bush, cherry liqueur, rosemary and fresh mint, Full, balanced and rich with stewed fruit on the palate.


Mas des Quernes

‘Villa Romaine’ 

Villa Romaine.jpg

Mas des Quernes, ‘Villa Romaine’, Terrasses du Larzac, 2016

50% Carignan/30% Mourvèdre/20% Grenache
Tasting Notes

Deep and dark, very ripe red and black fruits, dried tobacco, dried herbs and camphor. Dense, ample and tight tannins, long length.

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