From dust to sky in the beautiful
region of Liguria.

Created in 1993 from family vineyards of 1913, Roberto Petacchi carries forward his grandfather’s passion through Giacomelli. 

Roberto is influenced by the souls of the territory, bringing pleasant and immediate wines from the plains of IGT "Riviera di Levante” and more complex and structured wines from the hills of Colli di Luni. He has also enhanced the agricultural heritage of the land,  recovering the "Boboli" vineyard, one of the historic cru's of Castelnuovo Magra, located just a few steps below the medieval castle giving the town its name. 


Roberto believes that the vineyard is the basis of everything  connecting him to the land. His techniques respect the environment,  using minimal intervention and encouraging Nature to offer all she can.


Whether Paduletti, Pianacce or Boboli, these natural, elegant wines represent the balance of man and Mother Nature, keeping Giacomelli connected to the earth while providing happiness in a glass.

What to expect


‘Paduletti’, Liguria di Levante IGT, 2018

60% Vermentino/30% Trebbiano/10% Malvasia

Tasting Notes

Green star fruit, banana, peach yogurt, fennel frond and fresh snap pea. Good acidity and texture with a green, tropical fruit finish.



‘Pianacce’, Colli di Luni, 2018

100% Vermentino

Tasting Notes

Yellow cherry, Meyer lemon, white peach and mandarin orange, jasmine and chalk.  Overtone of confection but fresh on the palate.



‘Boboli’, Colli di Luni, 2018

95% Vermentino,/5% Malvasia di Candia

Tasting Notes

Amazingly floral, overflowing with orange blossom and gardenia. Finely textured, with lush stone fruit and great concentration.