Costers Del Sió

The love of the land inspired one
man’s dream to come true.

‘A great wine starts in the vineyard and we need to take good care of it’...

From the lands of Flix, Ribera del Sió, we welcome Bodegas Costers del Sió to the family. 


In 1992, restless ambition and a desire to live in the country led Juan Maria to acquire Finca de Flix, and with help from family and friends they planted their first vineyard in '98. It is a property of impressive beauty.  The quiet and tranquillity of the region creates a perfect ecological balance growing Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinta, Chardonnay and Viognier. 


This insightful family with brothers Juan and José at the helm, experiment and study vine behaviour in order to obtain the highest  quality grapes directly in the vineyard. La Boscana, a beautiful Catalan term to denote a vast expanse of forest, evokes nature, open air and relaxation. 


Whether the Garnacha/Tempranillo or Chard/Viognier the image portrayed is fun, different and youthful - a faithful reflection of the qualities of these wines. ‘Silvestre’ means 'what comes naturally' and as the name suggests this aged blend is original and genuine. 


Uncomplicated and terroir driven, these Catalonian wines represent the land that they came from and this family’s dream.

What to expect

‘la Boscana’


‘la Boscana’ Blanco, 

Costers del Segre, 2019

70% Chardonnay/30% Viognier

Tasting Notes

Green banana, grapefruit and fennel move to mandarin orange and yellow apple on the palate. Full-bodied, smooth, silky finish.


‘la Boscana’

la Boscana Tempranillo.jpg

‘la Boscana’ Tinto,

Costers del Segre, 2018

60%Tempranillo/30% Garnacha /10%Syrah

Tasting Notes

Wildly juicy with forest berries and strawberry, rhubarb pie and white chocolate. Juicy and spicy palate and a pleasure to drink.


‘bosc Silvestre’

BoscSilvestre Crianza.jpg

‘bosc Silvestre’,

Costers del Segre, 2016

70% Garnacha/30% Tempranillo

Tasting Notes

More serious and darkly fruited than the ‘la Boscana’, with dried herbs, candle wax, white pepper and baking spice. More grippy and good length.