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In the foothills of Mont Ventoux,
love of the wine and love of the land
inspired a man to change his life.

Looking for property in the gorgeous region of Ventoux, Luc Guénard came across Château Valcombe and his life instantly changed.


Situated in the foothills of Mont Ventoux, Château Valcombe covers 28 hectares.

Previously owned by Paul Jeune of Domaine Monertuis Châteauneuf-du-Pape fame, Luc decided to purchase the estate and his next journey began. Ecologically minded, respectful and aware of the natural assets of the terroir, Luc is a proud independent vigneron with a

compulsion to further improve this jewel of an estate.

His first efforts were in the 2009 vintage, with each subsequent vintage equally spectacular. Certified organic with 50 year old vines, this family’s business is fully committed to the earth, producing wine in full respect to the environment. Covering 36 ha, the specificity of the terroir combined with the special climate in the Ventoux, gives the wines character with a well balance of taste.

 ‘Epicure’, a heavenly wine of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah, is effortlessly elegant both in fragrance and feel, with countless accolades rivalling many Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s of the region. Château Valcombe is the perfect balance of Love... for family, for land and for wine. With that love comes a passion felt with each bottle poured and we are delighted to share this love with you.

What to expect



‘Epicure’, Ventoux, 2020

60% Grenache/25% Carignan/15% Syrah

Tasting Notes

Predominant notes of jammed ripe fruits, cherries, blackberries, prunes and quince paste with spicy aromas, pepper and curry. The aromatic palette spreads from ripe fruit to more aromatic liquorice flavors. 


'La Spéciale'


'La Spéciale', Ventoux, 2016

100% Carignan

Tasting Notes

Jammy red fruit, morello cherry and chocolate with a mediterranean feel of herbs, spices and garrigue. Lovely minerality giving good length and complexity.

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