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La Rose Côtes Rol

On the right bank of heaven where
Merlot rules the land.

Born on Saint-Émilion land in Bordeaux, the Mirande family have been making wine for 6 generations. Keeping their legacy alive by passing down viticultural know-how and love of the vine, Pierre Mirande now runs the estate created by his grandfather in 1952.


With his first vintage in 1993, Pierre’s cuvées offer the most beautiful bunches from the most beautiful plots. Grand Cru Château La Rose Côtes Rol gives aromas of mature red fruits, both tannic and silky, with a beautiful length. With a cellar dug in the heart of the village of Saint-Émilion, Pierre’s wines age in the perfect conditions and can be enjoyed young or kept for years to come. Selling only to private consumers at the estate since his grandfather’s days, we offer Pierre’s charming Grand Cru to be shared with you.

What to expect

La Rose Cotes Rol 2012.jpg

Château La Rose Côtes Rol

Château La Rose Côtes Rol,
Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, 2016

75% Merlot /15% Cabernet-Franc

8% Cabernet Sauvignon/2% Malbec

Tasting Notes

A wine of great aromatic complexity: wild blackberry, blackcurrant, violet. Beautiful ripe tannins and good structure.

Julien Pilon Saint- Joseph Blanc.png

L'Ultime Atome

Château La Rose Côtes Rol,
Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, 2014

74% Merlot /6% Cabernet-Franc

Tasting Notes

The 2014 vintage is characterized by notes of currants and raspberries mixed with spices. To be opened more than 2 hours in advance, do not hesitate to decant. 

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