With a connection to the earth
and a respect for nature. 

From the the Italian region of Piedmont in Dogliani, this small family run estate dates back to 1919, when Telesforo Boschis planted vineyards on the hill of Pianezzo. In 1968, Tesforo’s son Francesco began vinifying the grapes grown, producing a few hundred bottles now known as “Pianezzo’. Now with 50 harvests under their belt, Boschis Francesco is run entirely by Francesco’s son Mario, his wife Simona and their sons Paolo and Marco.

This family believes in the respect of nature, strongly practicing environmentally sustainable agriculture and rigorous vineyard management and production. They believe their job is not to spoil what nature has given and proof is in every bottle.  They proceed with a green harvest to keep only the best bunches and another selection at the time of harvest to preserve only the fully ripened and healthiest grapes. Yields are low, but fruit quality is undeniable. 


The wines are neither filtered nor cold stabilized and with no additions to alter or change the the nature of the wine, they achieve the most natural characteristics imagined. Each Dolcetto is representative of the soil and exposure their vineyard lies, producing wines of great beauty with persistence and structure. From the 'Vigna dei Prey' to the 'Sori San Martino’ each Dogliani represents the vineyard in which they work.

The Boschis family's goal is to protect their health and the people who drink their wines while protecting the environment. Their respect of the earth and Mother Nature is proven with each beautiful wine. With each bottle, one gains an appreciation of Dogliani and the immense pleasure of the Dolcetto grape.

What to expect

Dogliani, ‘Pianezzo’ 

Dogliani, ‘Pianezzo’, 2017

100% Dolcetto

Tasting Notes

Fruity with grippy tannins softened by its high acidity, Jammy, cured meats, savoury tomato sauce. The perfect pizza wine.

Dogliani Superiore, ‘Sori San Martino’

Dogliani Superiore
‘Sori San Martino’, 2017

100% Dolcetto
Tasting Notes

Intense ruby red colour with violet reflections, aromas of sour cherry, plum and balsamic, good structure with a savoury finish.

Dogliani Superiore, ‘Vigna Dei Prey’

Dogliani Superiore 
‘Vigna Dei Prey’, 2016

100% Dolcetto
Tasting Notes

Very concentrated and intense. Blueberries and blackberries dominate with firm tannins balanced by its high acidity.

Barbera D’Alba Superiore,
‘Vigna Le Masserie’

Barbera D’Alba Superiore
‘Vigna Le Masserie’, 2016

100% Dolcetto

Tasting Notes

Concord grape, wild blue berry, fruit leather, roasted tomato, rosemary, tarragon and cedar chest. Very complex, fruity and fun!

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