Wine Geek 3-Pack
  • Wine Geek 3-Pack

    Wine Geek (wīn gēk)


    noun: Wine Geek; Plural noun: Wine Geeks
    Also known as: Cork Dork, Oenophile 

    1   A person with an eccentric devotion to alcoholic drinks made from fermented grape juice.
    2   A person who orders wine first, and chooses food second.


    📚Wine Geeks are most active when the sun begins to slip past the horizon and sometimes they roam in packs, or as they say “tasting groups”. Look for the swirling of glasses and the constant sniffing. Approach with caution, if the ritualistic “blind-tasting” is in effect you might startle them. Don’t be afraid of wine geeks, they’re almost always harmless. When approaching one, if you mention anything grape, you will immediately gain all of their attention. 


    🍷Consider yourself a wine geek? Yes? So do we!
    We have put together a 3-pack of wines that will blow your minds. These wines have impeccable complexity, layer upon layer of flavor and show the highest quality of their terroir. 


    Bottles Included:


    🦪Bedouet Vigneron “Expression du Pallet”, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Sur Lie, Loire, 2014 : Lemon peel and pith, lemon shortbread, green apple and candied lemon. Very tart on the palate with rich toasty notes. Silky texture and rocky minerality on the palate make this a match made in heaven with oysters. You can taste the saltiness from the ocean breezes, the leese influence and complexity of 8 years in bottle. 


    🍯Botanica ‘Mary Delaney’ Chenin Blanc, Citrusdal Mountain, South Africa, 2017: Refreshing with layers of pure, concentrated pear, citrus and stone fruit with mouthwatering acidity and a tangy, mineral core. Almost savory in nature with hints of dill pickle and chamomile, honey, straw and marzipan. We are absolutely crazy over this wine - every sip has us going 😮😲😍!!


    🍒Domaine Rougeot Passe Tout Grains "Les Vercherres", Pinot Noir/Gamay, Burgundy, France 2020: The no-sulphur vinification effortlessly balances a natural wine approach with Burgundian technique, creating a special high energy wine. Fresh and brightly fruited with ripe and tart red and black berries, garrigue and violets. Great minerality adds complexity and length and finishes with smooth, velvety tannins. 



    • Bottles

      💛Bedouet Vigneron 'Expression du Pallet', Muscadet Sevre et Maine, Loire, France, 2014

      💛Botanica 'Mary Delaney' Chenin Blanc, Citrusdal Mountain, South Africa, 2017

      ❤️Domaine Rougeot Passe Tout Grains "Les Vercherres", Pinot Noir/Gamay, Burgundy, France 2020

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