White Burgundy Blitz
  • White Burgundy Blitz

    With August upon us it’s important to relish these hot days and celebrate the LAST MONTH of SUMMER with a WHITE BURGUNDY BLITZ! 


    We think that everyone deserves an extra special month, wherever they may be, drinking epic White Burg’s from one of our favourite producers.

    Located in the beautiful village of Meursault in the Côte de Beaune, winemaker Pierre-Henri Rougeot creates whites that are refined, generous and seductive.  

    For the whole month of August we are offering a celebration of Domaine Rougeot’s gorgeous whites offering a choice of 2 or 3 pack at a celebratory price!!! 


    Included in this 2 pack…


    ☀️Monthélie 'Les Toisières’, 2017 (REG $91 - August pricing $75)

     'Les Toisières' is an impressive wine to share with friends on a warm summer evening after a day of swimming in the lake. Its inviting aromas of baked apple and pear, caramel, dried apple skin and vanilla are perfect for a pre-dinner cheese plate and a sunset viewing party! For the ultimate junk food pairing - get out that bag of cheezies you've been saving for a rainy day and delight your senses!

    “Les Toisières” climat is located right over the road from Meursault and La Taupine 1er Cru Red of Monthélie. It is an ideal location and the vineyard is south facing, facilitating great ripeness. 'Les Toisières' is vinified like a Meursault, with a long maturation in oak barrels for 18 months. 

    ☀️Saint-Romain, ‘Combe Bazin’ 2017 (REG $96 - August pricing $75)

    This is a wine to bring on that special end of summer trip you've got planned. After a long drive, relax with 'Combe Bazin' and savor all the beauty that August has in store. Pop open this beautiful wine and take in the aromas reminiscent of a shallow river filled with tiny pebbles, freshly bitten green apples and a hint of sweet cedar - what could be a more perfect wine to drink in nature??

    In the village of Saint Romain this splendid label, one of the winery’s most prestigious, is produced in the 'La Combe Bazin' parcel with old vines approximately 85 years old.

    'La Combe Bazin' is vinified like a Meursault, with a long maturation in oak barrels for 18 months. The result is desirable from the start, a balanced wine with floral and yeasty aromas with fresh minerality and an impeccable finish. Tart and ripe green apple and lemon, stony minerality, soft and elegant on the palate with balanced acidity and sweet oak.




    Add on for the perfect 3 pack...

    ☀️Meursault 'Sous La Velle', 2017 (REG $149 - August pricing $125)
    Do you consider yourself a White Burgundy fan or an intrigued newbie? This is the wine youve been waiting for all summer. Oozing with excellence, this Meursault stands out among the rest like gold. Rich and silky on the palate - this wine makes a excellent companion for dockside oysters, gooey cheeses or on its own, shared with your most special friend.

    The 'Sous la Velle' climat is located at the foot of the Meursault hill, opposite the Chateau de Meursault. It means “Under the village”. In that part of Meursault, we find much richer soils and less limestone. It's location is ideal, as evidenced by both the reputation of this plot and also the quality of this bottle and the other great signatures of the village. Finely buttered, smelling of brioche and fresh bread, this Meursault, with notes of citrus fruits, baked apple and wax is resolutely a living wine! Its natural and unvarnished vinification makes it a highly sought-after beverage by all lovers of the genre!


    • Bottles

      ☀️Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils, Monthélie 'Les Troisières’, Burgundy, France, 2017

      ☀️Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils, Saint-Romain, ‘Combe Bazin’, Burgundy, France, 2017

      ☀️Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils, Meursault, 'Sous La Velle', Burgundy, France, 2017

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