🤪Get Slushed, Lushed and Plushed!🤪 @katie1960gibson
  • 🤪Get Slushed, Lushed and Plushed!🤪 @katie1960gibson

    Slush Fund 


    • 1. a reserve of money used for illicit purposes, especially political bribery.

    Save your $$ and stock up on Roberta Fugatti’s Pinot Grigio - this wine is fabulous and with such an approachable price point, you can build your slush fund for your “illicit purposes”. This wine is packed with zesty lemon and lime, celery salt and a zippy salinity on the finish. 




    • 1. sexually attractive

    Two Sister’s Lush, is an attractive pink bubbly with a pronounced mousse giving way to a persistent stream of small bubbles coursing through the vivid pink wine. Generous flavours of ripe citrus, tart cherries, red currants and cranberries are evident on the nose and palate. Lush lingers on the palate and has a delightfully long, crisp finish. Ooh La La!




    • 1. used to indicate a wine with delightful, round, velvety, delightfully fluent characteristics.


    The Domaine Denis Carre Haute Cotes de Beaune ‘La Perriere’ is a fascinating red Burgundy due to its fruit purity - displaying notes of fresh cherry, cranberry compote and red licorice. This wine is woodsy and floral with aromas of graphite and rainwater minerality, giving way to plush tannins and a refreshing acidity on the palate.

    • Bottles

      🥂Two Sister's Vineyards 'LUSH' Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc NV

      💛 Roberta Fugatti Pinot Grigio, Valdadige Terradeiforti DOC, 2020

      ❤️ Domaine Denis Carre Hautes Cotes de Beaune 'La Perriere' 2018



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