Juwel German 3 Pack
  • Juwel German 3 Pack

    The largest of Germany’s thirteen wine regions, the Rheinhessen stretches along the left bank of the Rhine river full of diverse and fertile soils, sunny days and varying microclimates allowing for a variety of grapes to flourish.


    It was here in Alsheim that Ingrid and Thomas Eller founded their 20ha winery in 1984 producing a large variety of grapes.


    In 2013, after finishing her studies in oenology and viticulture in Geisenheim, their daughter Juliane took over her parents winery and followed her passion. 


    The young winemaker was just 23 years old and given free rein to follow her dreams of big change. She drastically reduced 25 grape varieties cultivated to 5, and left mechanical harvesting for hand while converting entirely to sustainable organic farming. 


    The winery turned into JUWEL - Juliane Eller Weine, a play on her first and last name.


    Juliane’s dedication and hard work paid off. Grapes are exclusively harvested by hand, carefully with scissors and buckets. Strict selection is already carried out in the vineyard to ensure that only immaculate grapes are brought into the cellar. In the cellar the careful work continues. The wines are fermented spontaneously and with natural yeasts, red wines then enjoy further maturing time in barriques.


    Juliane’s creative approach to her winemaking and the quality she produces have cemented Juwel’s future as a winery to take stock. Juwel wines are modern, dry and fresh.

    Her Riesling has notes of peaches and fresh lime with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity leaving you wanting more. 


    Her Weissburgunder or Pinot Blanc is lively and elegant. Full body in taste with notes of melon that dances in the mouth.Her Spatburgunder or Pinot Noir is excellent. Inviting scents of cherry and fine wood delight as earthy, spice and berry flavours concentrate in the mouth. Limited in quantity and quick to sell out, this tiny production has finally made its way to Canada. 


    Juliane treats her grapes like gemstones, hand selecting only the best. From there in her cellar, her gems turn into Juwel’s delighting wine lovers everywhere.

    • Bottles ...

      💛 WeissBurgunder, Pinot Blanc, Trocken, 2020

      💛 Riesling, Trocken, 2020

      ❤️ Spätburgunder, Pinot Noir, 2018