Into the Wild

Into the Wild

🪵The next couple of months mark the height of camping season. While others are busy stocking up on beer and seltzer’s, us wine geeks are determined to bring the perfect wine to pair with every camping moment.

🐿Unfortunately in Ontario we aren’t often allowed to bring glass to campsites but you can always fill up your water bottle or platypus with some of that good stuff! If you are one of the lucky ones and can bring glass, let us help you with our top three wine recommendations for camping!

🐟 When camping it’s important to consider the menu, activities and weather. Whether it’s weenies on a stick, some fresh fish from the lake, or even vegetarian fare, camping with wine usually accompanies open-fire cooking.

The time of year is as important as the food, so even though you may be grilling up some juicy steaks, a heavy high alcohol red wine might not drink that well in the summer heat.

🛶Our picks for camping are all around food pleasers whether you need a breakfast pairing, campfire dinner pairing or canoe snack pairing.


🇪🇸From the Spanish lands of Flix, Bodegas Costers del Sío sits in a quiet and tranquil region with a perfect ecological balance to grow Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinta, Chardonnay and Viognier. La Boscana is a beautiful Catalan term to denote a vast expanse of forest. The very name evokes nature, open air, relaxation and fun.


🍒The 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon from Les Quelles de La Coste is matured in steel which creates both depth and freshness in the wine. With flavors of cassis and black cherry, graphite and mint, this complex red is perfect for campfire steaks, stews and hot dogs! @les_quelles_de_lacoste


🇮🇹Created in 1993 from family vineyards of 1913, Roberto Petacchi carry’s forward his grandfather’s passion through Giacomelli. Roberto is influenced by the soils of the territory, creating lovely wines from the plains of IGT "Riviera di Levante” and more complex and structured wines from the hills of Colli di Luni. Vegan and sustainable, these vines grow in rich, textured clay soil and are a perfect representation of Ligurian Vermentino.

  • Bottles ...

    💛 Giacomelli 'Pinacce' Vermentino Colli di Luna 2020

    ❤️  La Boscana Tinto Costers del Segre  Grenache/Tempranillo/Syrah  2018

    ❤️  Les Quelles de La Coste, by John Malkovich Cab Sauv 2015