Into the Wild
  • Into the Wild

    🪵The next couple of months mark the height of camping season. While others are busy stocking up on beer and seltzer’s, us wine geeks are determined to bring the perfect wine to pair with every camping moment.

    🐿Unfortunately in Ontario we aren’t often allowed to bring glass to campsites but you can always fill up your water bottle or platypus with some of that good stuff! If you are one of the lucky ones and can bring glass, let us help you with our top three wine recommendations for camping!

    🐟 When camping it’s important to consider the menu, activities and weather. Whether it’s weenies on a stick, some fresh fish from the lake, or even vegetarian fare, camping with wine usually accompanies open-fire cooking.

    The time of year is as important as the food, so even though you may be grilling up some juicy steaks, a heavy high alcohol red wine might not drink that well in the summer heat.

    🛶Our picks for camping are all around food pleasers whether you need a breakfast pairing, campfire dinner pairing or canoe snack pairing.


    🍋The Domaine Denizot Sancerre has a well balanced profile with tense energy sprinkled with touches of juicy white fruit. The assembly brings limestone notes offerince a mineral and frank structure, as well as delicate and delicious citrus notes. Share this wine with friends and pair with ceviche, a make-shift cheese platter or some salt and vinegar chips. And if you want our true opinion - this makes a killer breakfast paring ;)  


    🍒Roberta Fugatti's Marzemino is as interesting as it is awesome. A rare, native grape to the region of Trentino-Alto Adige - this wine is reminiscent of a cru Beaujolais with notes of pomegranate, mulberry, tart blackberry and wild blueberry. Purple flowers, green herbs and bell pepper elevate the nose as it continues on the palate with soft and supple tannins. This is the ultimate light red for camping. If you have room in your cooler you can even chill this down. Pair this with chicken on the cast iron or spaghetti!


    🍷For the perfect wine to sip around the campfire, give Juwel's Spatburgunder a try! Notes of cassis, elegant wood and earthy flavors with spice, tea, liquorice and intense berry fruit on the palate. We love sipping this around the campfire because the earthy and slightly smoky notes go along with the smell of burning logs on the fire. Pairs beautifully with beef bourguignon, pan fried salmon and roasted mushrooms. 

    • Bottles ...

      💛 Domaine Denizot Sancerre, Loire Valley, France 2019

      ❤️ Roberta Fugatti Marzemino, Terre dei Forti, Italy 2019

      ❤️  Juwel Spatburgunder, Rheinhessen, Germany 2018