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    🍇 6 Indigenous Grape’s You Have to Try! 🍇

    🍷Did you know that there are over 1,300 grapes in commercial production across the wine world? It's an absolutely staggering number and hard to comprehend. The next time you go to a wine store, have a look around and see how many grapes you can spot, we bet it’s not a lot!

    🌱Native wine grapes hail from a particular place and region, and express a terroir unlike that of grapes cultivated anywhere else in the world. They are also specifically adapted to the environment in which they grow, representing the most ecologically friendly agriculture possible. In addition, they are intimately associated with the local culture, history, tradition and people.

    🥂Variety is the spice of life so get your hands on this 6 pack including wines from the Spanish pioneer of organic winemaking, rescuing 3 indigenous grape varieties from extinction, Juan Carlos Sancha. The family run Langhe vineyard that is one of only 5 producers making a truly stunning white from the rare and native grape, Rossese Bianco @amaliacascina. And the northern Italian winemaker crafting wines focused on rare, native grapes in the unique terroir of Terradeiforte @robertafugatti.


    • Bottles

      💛Amalia Langhe Rossesse Bianco DOC, 2018
      💛Juan Carlos Sancha ‘AD LIBITUM’ Tempranillo Blanco, 2019
      💛Juan Carlos Sancha ‘AD LIBITUM’ Maturana Blanca, 2019
      ❤️Juan Carlos Sancha ‘AD LIBITUM’ Monastel de Rioja,2018
      ❤️Roberta Fugatti Marzemino, Vallagarina IGT, 2019
      ❤️Roberta Fugatti Teroldego, Vallagarina IGT, 2018

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