Gateway Wine

Gateway Wine

Out with the old and in with the new!


We all have a gateway wine that we would purchase over and over again because either you loved the heck out of it, it was always on the shelf at the LCBO or there was no reason to fix what’s not broken. Well, with a New Year comes a new you so 👏🏼LETS 👏🏼SWITCH 👏🏼THINGS 👏🏼UP! 


If you feel it’s time to update your palate and really treat yourself to some iconic, organic and small production wines, we’ve got you. These wine picks have been tasted against their popular LCBO counterparts to show you that there is more to wine than just picking the most commercialized bottle off the shelf. 

If you are a die hard Apothic Red Blend fan that needs some help in upping your wine game, this case will set you on course. With a balance of whites, reds and a dreamy Rosé this case will have you feeling like a wine nerd in no time.


If you need help understanding the nuances in these wines and how they compare to the LCBO classics, check out our tasting videos on Instagram! 

This 6 pack includes GFG's solution to the off the shelf selection.


  • Bottles

    💛Two Sister’s Sauvignon Blanc (vs. Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc) 
    💛Botanica Mary Delaney Chardonnay (vs. Toasted Head Chardonnay)
    💛Maset (Nu) Cava Brut (vs. Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava Brut)
    ❤️Botanica Big Flower Cabernet Sauvignon (vs. Apothic Red blend) 
    ❤️Chateau Haut Bessac Rouge (vs. Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Red AOC) 
    💗Cave du Luberon Alidon Rosé (vs. Whispering Angel Rose)


  • Shipping Info

    With Angel Wings we fly our wine to your doorstep for contactless delivery. Our cherubs are driving all over Ontario to bring our bottles to you.

    *Just a reminder to make your holiday wine purchases early so we can deliver in time!

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