Dog Days of Summer Chilled Reds
  • Dog Days of Summer Chilled Reds

    🐶 ☀️ The Dog Days of Summer☀️ 🐶 


    🥵As the summer heat cranks and humidity takes control, red wine lovers need answers as thirst quenchers rarely come in that colour. Opening up a bottle of wine served room-temperature on a hot, humid day can be utterly un-refreshing, especially if it’s the kind of super-dry red that leaves you thirstier than your already-dehydrated self was before taking a sip. But missing out on the deliciousness of red wine for a whole season is a fairly tragic thought.


    🍷Luckily, there are plenty of reds that are wonderful in the summer—and yes, it’s absolutely fine to chill some of them. Wondering what red to drink during these hot times? GFG has the answer! 


    🧊Dive into our Dog Days of Summer 6-pack featuring  bright and fruity wines perfect for chilling. 


    • Bottles ...

      🌞Domaine Danjean-Berthoux Bourgogne 'Chaume Ronde', Burgundy, France 2019

      🌞LQLC  By John Malkovich '7 Quelles', Pinot/Cab, Provence, France NV

      🌞Roberta Fugatti Marzemino 'La Rua' Vallagarina IGT, Italy, 2019

      🌞Amalia Dolcetto D'Alba, Piedmont, Italy  2019

      🌞Von Blumen Blauburgunder, Pinot Nero, 'Numbers 14' Sudtirol, Alto Adige DOC, Italy 2020

      🌞Botanica 'Mary Delaney' Pinot Noir, Western Cape, South Africa, 2017