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  • Cottage Comforts @stepholicious

    If you’re cranky about missing your cottage getaway this winter I’ve got the perfect pack that will help you play pretend. There is nothing better than sharing a winter cabin with your best friends and family while you watch your favorite movies, play fun games and make epic meals. While you may be missing your yearly getaway, have no worries, we will always have wine to brighten the mood. 


    This 3-pack includes:


    Cave du Luberon Alidon Rouge which is the perfect wine to cuddle up next to the fire with whether it be a real one or the trusty ol’ fireplace channel. It will warm you from the inside and help you reminisce on your favorite cottage memories. 


    Bedouet Vigneron Mus K De is a light bodied wine with easy-on-the-palate flavours of lemon and oyster shell. It is the quintessential breakfast wine - move over Mimosa’s! 


    Denis Carre “Les Lormes” Bourgonge Rouge is a heavier style Pinot that tastes like a grown-up Hawaiian punch!

    Layers of dried herbs, spearmint and cinnamon bark makes for  a great movie watching wine that will go with any genre! 


    So while we stay home and do our part this winter, enjoy this 3-pack that will help get you in vacation mode from your couch!

    • Bottles

      💛 Bedouet Vigneron Mus K De, Loire, France 2019

      ❤️ Denis Carre “Les Lormes”, Bourgonge Rouge, Pommard, Burgundy France 2017

      ❤️ Cave du Luberon Alidon Rouge, Provence, France 2018

    • Shipping Info

      With Angel Wings we fly our wine to your doorstep for contactless delivery. Our cherubs are driving all over Ontario to bring our bottles to you.

      ** Estimated delivery times are up to 7 business days in the GTA and up to 14 days in all other locations.