Girls Trip with @madamehumphrey
  • Girls Trip with @madamehumphrey

    Sip, sip, hooray! 
    Whether it's a picnic on a hike, a road trip to the city or a jet to the beach, this three pack makes the perfect carry-on for a girlfriend's escape
    (even if it is on Zoom with the island-theme background on ;)


    This three pack is my fave to share with my best gals.

    Valdition Vallon des Anges Rosé kicks off the pack for a perfect picnic with notes of  white peach, lemon grass and honey.

    I love following rose with the Cave du Luberon Blanc, a blend of Vermentino and Grenache Blanc. With notes of pineapple and passion fruit, it's the perfect wine for a book and a beach.

    And who doesn't love ending a girls trip with a glass of bubbles?!

    Maset Cava Brut Rose leaves you feeling light with its tiny bubbles.

    With lingering notes of drunken cherries and violets, it's the perfect sip for a city night!


    • Bottles

      🥂 💖 Maset  (nu), Brut Rosé Cava, 2018

      💖 Valdition Vallon des Anges Rosé Grenache/Cinsault/Vermentino, 2018

      💛 Cave du Luberon Alidon Vermentino/Grenache Blanc, 2019

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      **Estimated delivery times are up to 7 business days in the GTA and up to 14 days in all other locations.