Meet your wine angels

Lesle Gibson

As one of the city’s renowned hosts, Lesle’s attention to detail and dedication to her clients has made her something of a legend in the hospitality and wine industry. Her career spans over 20 years and she has successfully opened trendy hotspots in both Toronto and LA.  A longtime Sommelier, Lesle has embarked on the highlight of her career with Gibson Family Group creating a home for her wine angels. With every producer embraced and every wine hand selected, it is her goal to share her passion with those she meets, expanding her wine family along the way. GFG combines Lesle’s many years of experience with her personal touch, love for service and interest in exceptional wine. 

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Angela Aiello

Angela is an award winning writer, host, educator and business guru. She has spent 20 years working in the global wine industry and has traveled all around the world to learn about and taste wine. During the blogger boom she established one of the largest wine clubs in Canada and operated her own wine institute for close to a decade helping to bring Wine Confidence to thousands and thousands of people. She's hosted international wine tours, TV show wine segments, hundreds of wine events and loves to bring people together with unique dining and tasting experiences. She brings adventure, education and storytelling to every glass she shares.

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Stephanie Christian

Stephanie is a wine lover and enthusiast with a craving for the weird, the funky and the cloudy! Organic, biodynamic and unfiltered wines are what get her attention. In her free time she hosts eclectic tastings through her business @acidictripwine to educate others about the dynamic world of wine. She is WSET 3 certified and currently enrolled in the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.

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Natalie Pope

From a young age, Natalie was exposed to hospitality and entertaining at home with family, and always with great food and wine as companions at the table. Throughout her university career while serving in restaurants, her passion for food and wine further developed and blossomed.

After graduation, Natalie chose to stay with her passion in the food and beverage world, working her way up to an accomplished service professional and wine director in some of the finest restaurants of Toronto. With this experience Natalie excels in selecting the perfect wines for the restaurant menu, and the home cellar alike.

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Tess Krossing

Tess is a certified sommelier and event planner based in Toronto. She studied through the l'Association Canadienne des Sommeliers Professionnels and graduated in 2017 as the youngest in her class, if not Ontario! Tess also hosts private and group tastings through her business The Pour Decision. 

Tess has travelled through France, Italy, and Canada visiting vineyards and tasting as she goes. She loves low-intervention, skin-contact wines, as well as ‘traditional’ old world styles. 

On her days off, you’ll find Tess at local East End Toronto wine bars and breweries, or else munching down on a charcuterie board with a glass of bubbles. 

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Melodie Grant

With 20 years of experience in the Ontario Wine Industry Melodie has worked in a variety of roles including Director of Sales with award winning wineries launching major celebrity brands, Wayne Gretzky and Mike Weir Wines. With a passion for philanthropy, Melodie assisted in raising $7 million dollars for the Mike Weir Children’s Foundation. WSET Level 3 Certified, Melodie has experience working with licensees to develop extensive wine programs, building relationships with clients, and promoting wine knowledge with staff. In 2017 Melodie launched Grant Premium Beverages with the mission to sell wine for the greater good, raising money for Canadian Mental Health charities. Premium Wines, Healthy Minds, Empowered Women and Girls.

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Zoe Traiforos

Zoe has been immersed in the Toronto wine scene since the late 90’s. Graduating from the International Sommelier Guild in 2001, she curated some of TO’s coolest spots while slinging wine for a few top agencies at the time.  Past representative for the Champagne houses Krug and Veuve Clicquot, Zoe also partnered with Lesle creating their famed Champagne Monday’s before switching focus to full time mom of her three gorgeous girls. Launching her olive oil Single Grove in 2015, Zoe participated in the International Culinary Centre’s inaugural olive oil sommelier course in 2016 (NYC).


Zoe continually shares her passion and knowledge for all grapes and is excited to join forces with Lesle once more.

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Tasha Taylor

Tasha is our Digital Media Maven. With a degree in Communications and a passion for all things wine, this WSET certified Wine Angel loves introducing people to the world of wine In as many ways as possible. Her pop up wine events company 'Vino To Go' is her creative outlet to bringing wine enthusiasts together to taste, learn and meet!


Bringing her talents for photography, videography and copy writing together for GFG Tasha makes wine fun, easy and accessible to master.  Her IG name 'Tasha T the Wine MC' caters to her love of wine, music and lyrics and after a few glasses and some great beats you'll find her rapping about that good juice. On her nights off you can find her singing her heart out at a karaoke bar, mixing cocktails and sabering bottles of sparkling wine!

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