Denis Carré

Family is the essence of life.
It is who we came from, who we
live with and who we love.

Nestled in the Haute-Côtes-de-Beaune, this family Domaine was created in 1975 by patriarch Denis Carré. Hard work and dedication has seen this estate grow year after year to what now is 13ha spread over 13 appellations, all organically farmed and hand harvested. Denis’ children Gaëtane and Martial have now taken the reigns, continually building their impressive holdings producing some of the best juice around. 


Whether lush pinots from Saint Romain and Pommard or beautiful chards from Auxey Duresses and Meursault, these two siblings are setting standards that are impossible to imagine and at price points that keep you buying more.

This family reinforces value and quality in every glass

and we are delighted to have them in ours.

What to expect

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