Danjean Berthoux

Amoureux de la Côte Chalonnaise.

 After assuming control of the family estate 20 years ago, Pascal Danjean decided to bottle wines for the domaine with the first vintage in 1993. Primarily located in 1er Cru vineyards in the small village of Givry, the wines are never fined or filtered resulting in soft, supple mouthfuls and allowing the terroir to shine. Early drinkability, lower prices and high level of consistency are a few reasons why we love the Côte Chalonnaise!!! Danjean-Berthoux is an amazing example of what top growers are achieving in this up and coming region of Burgundy.  We are proud to represent the entire range of these affordable and delicious wines proving that Burgundy really is for everyone.

What to expect

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