Costers Del Priorat

From rugged lands with a profound
history comes a delicacy of exceptional
fruit, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean into every glass.

Located in the heart of Les Solanes in El Molar, this winery is built on the site of a mine dating back to the 19th century. Priorat is made of old and dark stones, an irregular combination of hills and ravines buffeted by the intense sun and the northerly Cierzo wind.


Winemaker Jose Mas has found the right balance between farming tradition and Mediterranean nature, spending his days between vines, slopes, slate rocks and bottles. A balance of fruit and minerality, the Samsó and Garnacha grapes grow in partnership with this rugged centre and the regions warm south.


From their juice,  the flagship wine Pissares encompasses thefull personality of the region and is the benchmark of the Costers del Priorat personality, a warm and honest welcome. 


Whether the fresh and versatile little brother Petite Pissares or the bigger more layered Pissares, both wines will transport the drinker to hills in Bellmunt and inspire the desire to get on a plane.

What to expect

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