Garnier & Fils

One grape, one region, one undeniable
love affair with Chablis 

Based in Ligny-le-Châtel, the Garnier family own 57 acres along the slopes edging the
valley of the Serein river. 
Truly a family affair, father Joseph first farmed the land of cows and grains in the late
70’s before planting the first vineyard with son Xavier in 1985.  
Brother Jérome came on board shortly after and while their father sold the grapes, the two brothers began making their own wine, selling it to restaurants in and around Paris.

Construction of the cellar began in 1992 thru 2009 and the Domaine now produces 160,000 bottle per year working closely with their small team. While Xavier works the vineyards, Jérôme makes the wines with a maturity and ripeness that intoxicates. Organically farmed and with minimal intervention in both the vineyard and cellar, the brothers harvest later than most to get the right expression of the fruit. Fermenting with natural yeast and ageing the wines in very large barrels, this exciting estate is achieving greatness with its Chablis.

'We are two brothers united by a common passion for wine who value the liberty to go beyond the requirements of the appellation and at the same time respect the identity of each of our terroirs.'

From their Village to 1er Cru’s along both left and right bank to their Vaudesir Grand Cru, Xavier and Jérôme share a vision of excellence in their wines with a deep connection to their terroirs of the Chablis region.


A winemaker’s wine, GFG fell in love from first sip and are undeniably head over heels with
Domaine Garnier’s Chablis.

What to expect


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