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Ken Wright

From the Pacific Northwest in a valley surrounded by mountains, a couple planted roots and CHO wines was born.

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Over 40 years of wine making has taught Ken a simple truth: source is everything. Located, in rural Carlton, Oregon, Ken Wright Cellars is devoted to producing wine that showcases the inherent quality of world class vineyard sites. With a clarity and breadth that is unequaled, Pinot noir is the ultimate vehicle for conveying the aroma, flavor and texture of the location in which it is grown.


In 1986, with family, belongings and 10 barrels in tow, Ken moved to McMinnville and started Panther Creek Cellars. His concept of focusing on vineyard-designate bottling began during those years at Panther Creek and this was cemented as a core philosophy in 1994 when Ken Wright Cellars was founded. Ken Wright Cellars now produces a single vineyard Pinot Noir from 13 different vineyard sites in the Northern Willamette Valley.


Their approach to the craft of wine growing is one of stewardship rather than manipulation. They use organic certified practices as a base and expand upon that with advanced nutrition-based farming. By analyzing both the soil profile and vines, maintaining proper crop levels, personally sampling each vineyard, and hand-sorting each cluster, they ensure that the inherent character in the fruit is revealed in the finished wine. Minimal handling of wine is essential to preserve what it is; a gift of nature.

What to expect

Pinot Noir


Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon, 2019

100% Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes

Ripe, red fruit aromas, bright and frisky on the palate with tart red fruit with hints of earth and anise.

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