Domaine Denizot 

On the left bank of the Loire Sauvignon Blanc shines.

For 8 generations, this family estate has produced  exceptional wines with Thibauld Denizot at the helm. Assisted by his parents Chantal and Christian, and wife Jennifer the domaine spreads over 19 hectares, growing 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Pinot Noir grapes.  Thibauld's philosophy as a winemaker stands out for the utmost respect of the vines and the soils they grow in. 


Organically farmed, his interventions are minimal allowing the natural flavours of the grapes to shine creating crisp, fresh wines with lovely mineral tension enhanced by the limestone soil (caillottes) specific to the region.


The white Sancerre is the perfect expression of Sauvignon Blanc, well-balanced and lively with hints of juicy white-fleshed fruit. 

The rose Sancerre is 100% Pinot Noir with fresh, crisp aromas and notes of strawberry and cherry. Extremely limited with only 20 cases available, this elegant rose is the perfect ‘i deserve this’ wine.


Truly one of our favourites, Domaine Denizot’s produces elegant and vibrant Sancerre of all colours to be savoured and shared.

What to expect


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