Cave du Lubéron

With lavender filled fields, beautiful farm houses and linen draped tables we find our newest producer and the terrific valued wines of the Lubéron.

Since 1923, the cellars of Cave du Lubéron have been a staple in the heart of Provence. East of Avignon and north of Aix-en-Provence, the vineyard is located on the northern slope of the Lubéron. The long ridge of the mountain, rising to more than 1,000m, cools the region, slowing down grape-ripening. This warm appellation is more capable than many further north of making crisp whites, delicate rosés and elegant reds in which cool-toned Syrah tempers heat-loving Grenache.

With Vincent André, oenologist and director of the Cave, each wine is crafted with care presenting an elegant freshness while delighting the palate.

Full of sunshine in a glass and all under $20, these well balanced wines will transport you to the fragrant Provence, making it easy to understand why the world loves Lubéron.

What to expect

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